Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor day eats... sort of

Well, another summer has come and "gone" so to speak, as it seems labor day officially signals the end of summer. Here in SoCal... it still feels like summer, you know, HOT, but maybe that's because where I live it's still on fire. Literally.

But that's not the focus of this post.

Nor is the wonderful steak that I grilled on Monday. You see, Monday, the steak was absolutely fucking perfect, thankyouverymuch, However, turns out that using a microwave to reheat it for your new blog post when the cell rings... not so much. So, please, try to pretend that the steak is a perfect specimen, and let's talk about the salad above it. OK?

OK... disclaimer said... I love this salad. I wanted to call it a slaw, but that usually conotates a mayonnaise based something or other that I usually can't stand. (mayonnaise that is, that's right, some people don't like cilantro, I don't like mayo... period. deal.)

So... Here it is.

Damn it kills me to look at that once beautifully cooked spencer steak. But, I digress. Back to the Salad... or slaw... how about naked slaw? Can we do that... call something a naked slaw? Fuck it, it's my blog, my food, I'll call it what I want!

What I did was, took a veggie peeler, and peeled long strips from the Carrots and yellow zuchini that I bought at the farmers market. The fresher the better people! And thinly sliced a half of a red onion. The thinner the better. Chopped up fresh parsley, and some thyme together. I tossed this with a nice mixture of 1 part really good sherry vinegar, and two parts nice olive oil. S & P to taste... toss it all together and let it marinate for an hour or so. sublime.

Mind you... this is just what I did. Do whatever you want to it. Use different herbs, cilantro, basil, whatever you like. Different Oil... shit yeah man! Just try to use ingredients that are the freshest and easiest you can possibly get. You don't have to break the bank here, just go for fresh.

One note before i shove off... The more red onion you add...the stronger it will be in subsequent hours/days. To offset that you could probably soak them in cold water for awhile before dressing the naked slaw... I'll try that next time, as it was a bit strong.

Go forth my friends... and cook! Or slaw! Just don't use a microwave to do it...


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just a little Public Service Announcement for all of you out there that cook. For the love of knives, cutting boards, fingers and food out there everywhere, Sharpen your knives! A dull knife is a dangerous knife. Really, it's not that hard. Find a knife sharpening place. Go to a local butcher and ask them if they will do it for you. My local farmers market has a little stall that sharpens them for you. And it's usually reasonably priced. If you are intent on doing it yourself... Have at it! Just do it!

Oh... and that thing in your knife block or the drawer to the left/right of the sink, the thing that looks like a blunt screwdriver with a handle on it? That's called a steel. Slide your blade on it a few times, Every time you use your knife! It really does work... it keeps you knife sharper, longer.

Go on.... try it!

Ok... PSA out!