Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rib Eye, Kim Chee, Asparagus.

To some/most of you, Kim Chee and steak probably doesn't sound like such a stretch, but let me tell you, if you haven't tried this? Do so now. Even if you have to try and track down the Kogi truck, although they use short ribs. Unless you don't like Kim Chee, or asparagus, or steak for that matter. In which case... don't know if I can help you. Cheers!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More springtime snackins....

This weekend was a little warm, so in light of that, I thought a little sweet, salty combo was in order. The sweet cantalope with the salty, thinly sliced prosciutto worked perfectly well with the coming of the sweltering summer heat!
And, just for good measure, the glorious food porn shot!

If you REALLY want to gild the lily, a drizzle of good Olive oil will do wonders.

Cheers all!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Springtime snackins...

It's been a pretty fruitful springtime so far here in the SoCal. A few days ago in the farmers market I spied these little green garlic gems, and the first of many heirloom tomatoes of the season. I got the steak from Whofoo and decided to pan roast with the green garlic cut into rounds. The result? Yeah...
After I let the steak rest, I deglazed the pan with some Madiera, reduced it and mounted it with some butter. Add some fresh arugula... man, you got yourself a tasty meal right there! The tomato? I just simply sliced it and drizzled it with some good olive oil, salt, and a toss of more arugula... again, a fresh, peppery snack!
Cheers all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend eats, so to speak!

For those of you paying attention... that's a porcini mushroom the size that's bigger than my fist. Yeah... I love summertime! Or.. well, Late springtime if you get technical. And A wonderful new salami and Olive producer, the verdict is out on this one... I actually liked the jalapeno stuffed olive. It still gave me the olive *shiver*, but the flavor was spot on... I keep trying! More later!